Our ambitions 

• Defending civil rights 

• Improving people’s quality of life while respecting local  resources and skills

• Providing access to basic amenities to all people 

• Helping young people stay and live in their  territory

Our principles 

• Respecting local demands which satisfy a clear need 

• Elaborating and implementing projects while creating new types of cooperation exchanges 

• Supporting the growth of public utilities to satisfy basic needs 

• Implementing empowering strategies with all our partners : local and national governments, people and their representatives       • Implementing social and technical development strategies based on exchanges and training programs

Our goals

• Triggering new types of civic and economic relationships between people and their representatives and between local governments, political authorities, political, social leaders, and international organizations.

• Helping new local operators emerge and organize by supporting the implementation of their urban and social projects, as we are currently doing in South America, in Western and North Africa, in the Middle East and in South-East Asia.

• Setting up cooperation projects and audit missions with our French and European partners while always collaborating with our local contacts on the ground.